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Alxander Raven

Alb., NM 87122
United States

Do You Wanna Know A Secret?

..Or Maybe You'd Like To Play A Little Game???
...Or Maybe Take A Little Walk???

Beyond Waking,Dreaming and Sleeping There Are Infinite Realms Of Consciousness

There are so many subjects in need of discussion.If you can add any topics or urls to the collection please e-mail.

I would love any photos of anything unusual or of news interest. Some how some very interesting and important events don't make our network news programs,so if you have something to share,please do.

RavensNet Systems collects and analyzes news and events.Pay attention to major media news broadcasts.Imagine that the news story being presented is a commercial for a product or service. Imagine your feelings and thoughts being manuevered to a particular place. See who sponsors what portions of the news programs.Watch what stories are presented in the "World Minute" format so popular now for local thirty minute 'news' programs.

(Most 'World Minute News Report segments don't last 60 seconds)



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A Few Ideas

Ascended Masters
Those who Travle Where We Go
Stuff That Flies In The Sky
When Are We?
The Flower Of Life
Teachings from the Melchizedek Conciousness
Healing Ourselves and The Earth
Earth Changes
Shake,Rattle and Roll...
A Brief Message From God
For Every One
Love and Sex
When You Love Some One
RavensNet Systems Command Center
Central Command For RavensNet Systems.....