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Dear Ann

Look kiddo, if THIS don't get to you, I will be highly suspiscious. E Mail has been tenuous at best to say the least. I miss you very much. That sounds a little funny...some of these songs still go thru me... any way, life is moving along. Wanting to walk the walk... been talking it too long.

Our Diodes have been spreading slowly but surely. The BrainGarden thing is rolling out. The top folks'll be here April 21st. They are in AZ, you probably met them already.

I have spent what ever time possible doing webwork to finish these sites so folks can send me lotsa loot and get great products in return. This week may be - me taking down a big tree for pay - not my idea of a good time yet when you ask and the universe gives, I figure one should take what ever it is. The web work is more enjoyable yet not supporting me yet.

A package DID get in the mail, to you. Let me know some how-smoke signals probably most reliable. ( I will send this in as many ways as I can hoping one of them get thru).

Producing these events every two weeks is an interesting challenge. Ed Dames of Psi Tech tho was predicting a fireball off the sun around Easter this year-so-alot everything I am doing may be moot anyway.

The 'community group', otherwise known as "TONYLAND" has decided to settle in at Micheles house, build a greenhouse and go solar. God bless and good night.... I still see her trying to ride out of town on horses. Kim and I have done some chatting about 'where to go'... and she can't imagine enuff money to do it. I can imagine it, I can feel it, yet if we/I stay here-it's as good a place as any to pass-over from. That saving the humans idea, what a head ache anyway.

Well, lets see if this comes thru in any of its guises. We can do the quarterly update thing once we firm up a solid link. Maybe a landline from there to here... Love Alx