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The temple of wisdom is within each of us.

We need only journey there to find it.

Once found,

Freedom is assured.

The Law

The laws of the universe are truly significant for the comming days.

Understanding them will provide many with the tools to use in raising their essences above that which may be perceived as pain and suffering. Those who understand the dynamics of these laws will walk in the valley of peace and tranquility while the waters around appear troubled and angry.

Those who keep the watch for the beloved Terra will understand that the moment has come for truth to be made known to the masses.

Each individual on earth will have the same opportunity to work within the dynamics of these laws. All will learn of them in their hearts.

Only those who choose to understand and follow the direction from the heart center will know eternal happiness in the months and years to come,for the opening to the portal in time, which will allow you to come through is nearing.

Look to your inner guidance and fear not for the energies of the Highest are among you.

You are protected in the light and will understand that this is so in the years to come.

The Laws are simple and they are swift.

They know no color,race,gender or dimension.

They only understand the application of energy and the principles that govern its motion.

Remember that energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Therefore,it is and always will be.

Energy can only be mastered,directed and redirected to transform purposes.

Your mission is to learn to be masters of this force and to understand its Oneness with you.

Ascended Masters

Sananda Kumara
Saint Germaine
Keeper of the Violet Flame
El Morya
Teacher of Teachers
Arch Angel Michael
Sword of the Blue Flame
Sunat Kumara
Beloved Indeed

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