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"Beloved Beings of Light, it is time to be Masters, as you already are, of your 'fate'. There are many questions, for it is a timely matter indeed of what is happening to the planet Earth. This 'planet Earth' is safe. There are changes abounding in deed that are reflected in your world at large and in your life.

"How grand shall these changes be? Well, we ask you, how much do you, in your life, love drama? If you love drama then you shall have your grand changes. If you wish not to suffer, if you wish it to be mild, if you wish peace then focus on that reality. Feel that in your heart and live from those wishes.

"You will come to see that the world you draw to you is the design you choose to make through the focus of you thoughts and your feelings. No more - no less.

"That is the good news!

"You are free!

"Yes, it is possible for you and many like you to do what is called, 'predictions', looking into dimensions that appear to be chisled in stone. Yet, we say to you has the weatherman ever been wrong?

"These predictions cannot come between you and your free will. What comes together in Heaven cannot be torn asunder by man.

"Let us explain to you what this truly means. 'Heaven' is your consciousness! When you marry thought with emotion and intent it manifests and man cannot seperate it. You cast your fate and no one else.

"At this time the 'Purification' is upon you. Isn't it interesting? Fun? No?

"We know. Each of you have been going through the 'Fire Walk', in your relationships, in health, in finances. Have we left anything out? In deed, for each one of you, your 'buttons' have been pushed for you must Know who You are. You must know what you can do in your worst trials and You must not forsake yourself. You and God are enough. That Is You.

"Own your power now.

"Do you want to see changes that would be most beautiful for this world? Be That Change! Hold that change in your heart, speak of that change, give that change.

"It Is up to You!"

Offered March 17th through Betsy Coffman.


Some of us have read or heard those same words or a similar version perhaps. The difference between reading or hearing these words and experiencing the energetics of these concepts is what our channeling events define. Reading about food or eating food. Hearing about a shared kiss or sharing a kiss. Seeing words typed in print or experiencing the Energies that create and hold the framework for all we experience, or don't experience.

With open hearts we invite you to visit together April 14th and April 28th in a beautiful setting to enjoy the experience of the Orion Group. Come be a part of the changes we shall help manifest that is already moving across and through this Most Beloved planet.

The Four Hills Country Club is south of Central Ave. at Tramway, in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

For more information please call, 505-890-0437.