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A Message From The Orion Group

"Notice how many times your minds turn away from that which is offered on the table of life. So indeed, take back your power. Yet know that if you bring in all these forms of beauty and know not WHO YOU ARE and know not LOVE, it will mean nothing. So in your gathering, gather self knowledge and self knowing. Love yourself and know yourself to be who you are. Which is, The All, The Oneness.

"The way home is IN. The way home is to know yourself in peace and in silence. You will then be free. You will allow it all, in peace, in joy, and in freedom. Then nothing will destroy your peace unless you BELIEVE IN IT and give it power.

"Know that you are indeed being lifted individually and as a group to the highest point of conscousness that you can attain and intergrate. Know how very much you are loved. It cannot be measured. All that you wish is upon you and is given. And it is up to you to receive it. Love yourselves. And laugh. Know that this precious, precious life is to be enjoyed. And finally, please, KNOW YOURSELF.

"Place your hand over your beloved heart and feel the presence of God, in you, as you. That is the next step from a reality that is hopeless to a reality that is all hope! Be ye the Kings and Queens of the new tomorrow.

Cower not to the past.

Stand tall and know that you harness the energy of life itself !"

Those words came from an alliance of beings calling themselves,"The Orion Group". They refer to themselvs as 'The Pleiadians' as well.

The messages are timeless and can be found in the highest ideals and aspirations of humanity world wide. You are invited to share in the experience of the energetics that propel these ideals into the human consciousness.

With great love and tenderness, The Orion Group present insights, information and suggestions as to how we can better prepare ourselves to accept our Own Divinity.

The focus of our events is an opportunity to take note, to allow and to welcome immediate change in our lives. As we sit in group a very powerful energy bypasses the mind and third dimensional reality and moves our consciousness to higher realms.

We do enjoy the verbal discussion and receiving voiced guidance, yet, we ride the waves of energy and allow these energies to create shifts and changes in our lives for the better as we ascend the stratas of consciousness.