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Betsy Coffman

Betsy Coffman has been channeling this particular group for the past seven years. She is a well-known Reiki Master and has held many classes on "Opening to Channel". A program designed to help facilitate these natural abilities in us all.

She is a full time Mother to two college students and is active in the spiritual community.

Someone once asked the Orion Group why it was that Betsy channeled them and they simply said, "because she is willing".

Originally from a mid-western farm, Betsy has called New Mexico home for many years now. She holds a number of Titles has and touched thousands of hearts through her work.

These group sessions are powerful.

It is an experience to be felt, not read about or heard of second hand. Please contact us with questions, answers, or if you would like to host a group session in your part of the planet.

The Orion Group

An Evening With The Pleiadians

Please Join Us


March 17th and March 31st

April 14th and 28th

At The
Four Hills Counry Club

Alb. New Mexico


With great love and tenderness, the Orion Group, brought through by Betsy Coffman, present information and suggestions as to how we can better prepare ourselves to accept our own Divinity.The focus of our events is an opportunity to take note, to allow and to welcome immediate change in our lives.

$15 per person For more information please call Kim


Many books and lectures are held on the 'Pleiadians'. This is a small distillation of impressions and beliefs that thread though all the materials we have concerning who and what the motives of these beings are.

At least 5 Pleiadian 'family' groups are here active in our planetary affairs. The Orion Group is a confederation of Pleiadian, Arcturian, Orion star families and Angelic energies.

We raise our vibrational rates as the Earth raises Hers and since 1987 the frequency of the planet has been increasing. The culmination of this process is the move through fourth dimension into fifth dimension. These 'energies' are here to assist us in preperation for the change.

Our understanding of many of the words we see so freely used in 'New Age' literature is minimal. A brief description of a few terms, phrases and concepts are available from here, just point and click.

Betsy has been connecting with other 5th dimensional and Ascended Beings recently as well. Pleasant surprises at these events.