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Silver Products


Colloidal Silver, a solution in which microscopic, electrically charged particles of Silver are in suspension, is known to kill 650 different kinds of pathogens, including bacteria, fungus and viruses in addition to many others, by inhibiting the enzyme which allows their oxygen metabolism. It does so in minutes, safely, with no side effects and no resistant strains develop, as with antibiotics. Humans (and animals) absorb it so rapidly due to its small ion size that it is absorbed by the blood before it can reach the gut (antibiotics absorb so slowly they kill your normal friendly bacteria in the intestines).

Colloidal Silver is growing in use for pool treatment to avoid the bad side effects of chlorine, in agriculture to aid plant growth and development without the use of poisons to kill plant and ground fungi and in industry to treat process water to kill fungi and bacteria.

Many medical conditions have benefited from the use of Colloidal Silver, such as gastritis, malaria, parasitic infections, psoriasis, eye, ear and mouth infections, yeast infections, either with internal or external use. Colloidal Silver has been as well very successful in Veterinary use, for instance the dreaded Canine Parvo virus.

You can also use a diluted solution either to spray on plant leaves or to treat the soil for improved vitality and growth.

You can purify a gallon of water in 6 minutes by adding 1/2 teaspoon of Colloidal Silver. Tests have been conducted in pools where gallons of raw sewerage was dumped in and then Colloidal Silver successfully killed off all E Coli bacteria in a very short time.

The EPA reference dose for daily lifetime consumption is (14) teaspoons a day of 5 PPM colloidal silver. (No danger or side effects for an average individual taking the dose daily for 70 years!). The generally accepted maintenance dose of one tablespoon/day is far less then that.

Many say that just 2 to 4 drops a day are effective (Homeopathic dose). There can of course be no standard as we all react differently and have different microbial levels and intake. As a new user, be aware of the Herkimer effect, which any good antibacterial can cause. You may start to feel better then get the symptoms of the flu as your elimination system is overloaded getting rid of dead pathogens. Drink plenty of water.

The FDA and other research studies have shown concentrations of 3-5 parts per million (PPM) are effective. The ionic (positively charged) nature is considered the primary benefiting feature of Colloidal Silver, it being able to aggressively attach to microbial agents, to kill them. In addition, its naturally small size, permits it to pass thru cell walls, which is the only way to get to a virus, as they multiply in your cells, using your cell to replicate their DNA!

The non-ionic or elemental pure silver metal has limited antibacterial properties but no effect on virus as the particle size is too large to pass thru cell walls (the ionic particle size is said to be 1/400 the size of a red blood cell).

Silver Aire is a blend of Distilled water, SolSaltz, chelated silver, eucalyptus oil, walnut oil and grape seed oil. Helps drain, moisturize and sooth nasal cavities.

Silver Ice is a gel for topical application. Colloidal Silver in a fulvic base that includes over 60 trace minerals. Blended with aloe, xanthan gum, electrolytes and enzymes.

Silver Clear is gentle and safe for eyes and ears. Colloidal Silver in a fulvic base that includes over 60 trace minerals, electrolytes and enzymes.

Silver Supreme for topical use or ingestion. Also contains over 60 trace minerals including 25 ppm silver colloidal suspension.