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Many mineral deposits on our planet are centered in certain geographical areas. Salt is found world wide. Our bodies need for sodium and potassium are well documented, the elements that make up 'salt'.

Because of the purity of SolSaltz, you won't need as much for the flavor enhancement salt provides as you would use of the popular commercial brands of salt.

SolSaltz is also a highly effective germ fighter. Virus and bacteria die in the presense of salt.

24K Salt

A long time before the 'Karat' weight system was used for gem stones and prescious metals, it was developed to grade the purity of salt. Since salt was used as currency its purity was of concern. 24 Karat indicates 'pure salt'.

Try a little experiment. Put a teaspoon of your table salt in about 6 ounces of water and stir... and stir and stir because that white milky color won't go away. It's sand and calcium. It adheres to the lining of veins and arteries and has been linked to arthritus and a number of other dis-eases.

The brands of 'sea-salt' I have teasted do as well or worse than the more popular granulated types. This 'grade' of salt is in most prepared food products. When you see 'salt' on the lable begin mentally including 'sand' and 'calcium' particulates.

BrainGardens' SolSaltz are pure, 24 Karat salt. Available in 8oz sizes and table size as well.