Sweet Pulse

Available in 4 ounce and 16 ounce packages, Sweet Pulse uses mixtures of whole fruits; cherries, blueberries, raspberries, raisins, dates,figs...

Grain mixtures of amaranth, millet, quinao, flax, buckwheat, oats...

Nuts blends of walnuts, cashews, sunflower seed, pecans, almonds and filberts...

Complete nutrition and delicious flavor. The 'Carob' Sweet Pulse tastes like a like chocolate candy.

Silver and Health

In 1938 when the American Medical Association formed itself, 'Silver' health care products came off drug store shelves and anti-biotics went up in place of these remedies used for thousands of years.

Silver used to be present in the general food supply and also from silver coins. Chances are grandpa tossed a silver dollar in the milk bucket to keep it fresh.

During bandit or Indian raids in the 'old west', folks would dump the silverware and jewelry in a water barrel attempting to hide them. It turned out the water would stay fresher if they left them there.

Colloidal and ionized silver kills over 650 virus, bacterias and fungus in six minutes or less. This includes, but is not limited to, cancers, flu, infections of all kinds, HIV, the research and results are well documented. "Silver is the BEST all around germ fighter that we have!" ( Science Digest )

If you are concerned that there might not be a drug store or doctor easily available in your future or if you want to try a natural approach to health maintenance and healing, try our silver products.

Why Two Kay

Every TV news program.

Every magazine and news paper.

About a million web sites.



Y 2 K one oh one: To save space on computer punch cards in the 1950's, designers, including Alan Greenspan, now head of the Federal Reserve Bank, used only the last two numbers in our Gregorian calendar. Skipping the '19'.... part saved two hole spaces on the punch cards.

Now, when the modern computers run the gamut from 01 to 99, it is expected the modern computers will read '00' after '99'. A computer may then assume it is the year 1900, break out the straw hats and prepare for WW I.

The Canadian government is suggesting its citizens store at least a months worth of food and water per person.

The United States gonerment suggests storing a weeks worth of food and water per person.

Without too much looking you can find reports from experts in computer programming giving best and worst case scenarios. From that information make your own decision as to how, or if you will prepare for an interesting time on our little rock.

Our products have a two to seven year shelf life. If life as we know it doesn't end, you can still enjoy the taste and multitude of benefits from our foods and wellness products. Drink purified water and care for your body with the most delicious products around.

As for storage space, 2 ounce servings make a meal per person of Brain Grain, Sweet or Parched Pulse. With an 8 ounce glass of water and 2 ounces of great tasting food concentrates alot of nutrition can be stored in a small space. The light weight of our Parched Pulse makes it easy to take with you if you're hiking or camping.

These foods are ready to eat as they are. No cooking is needed unless you desire it.

Parched Pulse and Brain Grain

A blend of natural, whole foods. Corn, tomatoes, peppers, cashews, pecans, sunflower seeds, apple fiber, ginko balboa leaf, cilantro . . . in combinations that complement each foods nature and nutritional value.

Pure Water

We have a great water purification system. You provide the power, no electricity required.

In case of power outages or lack of water pressure from a public utility or well, this portable hand pump and filter can provide clean water easily. Please visit our water purification pages for more information.

BrainGarden has a bulk auto shipping sevice if you would care to prepare for what is being forcast as at least a bump in the road.

Check out what's available for living in the great out-doors.
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