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Lay your head down

Close those eyes

Pretend you are floating

Into the sky

When you reach the stars you'll be sound asleep

Follow your dreams baby, where ever they lead.

* * *

Tomorrow's a new day

Now don't you forget

To reach a bit further

Take one more step

One day you will leave me, that's the way it must be

Follow your dreams baby, where ever they lead.

* * *

Look for the highest mountain that you can climb.

Look for the wings that let you fly, fly, fly . . .

* * *

The future is yours

Like the rising sun

Remember your past baby

Where you come from

Let the strength of your words come from your deeds

And follow your dreams baby

Where ever they lead.

The Day Will Come When I Close My Eyes

And I'll ask you to sing to me

This lullabye

Please promise me this when I'm finally asleep

Follow your dreams

~Where ever they lead~