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Sweet Pulse

Pulse products are formulas of fruit and grain mixtures that date back thousands of years. Fresh and organically grown foods are used whenever possible. These specific blends and combinations of whole foods are proven to sustain the body, mind and spirit when eaten with just pure water.

A 2 ounce serving and 8 ounces of water make a meal.

Far more nutritious and regenerative than almost anything else you can eat. Our fruits are sun or air dried to preserve the vitamins and enzymes. The grains are ground fresh and not mixed with sweeteners, the sweetness comes from fresh fruits. The nuts are a mind enhancing, high-protein combination.

Introducing these foods into the average American diet may cause immediate changes as a detoxification process begins. It is recommended you gradually introduce these foods into your diet with appropriate proportions of water.

Parched Pulse

The foods below are our 'Parched Pulse' products. Dried yet unbelievably flavorful.

Peas, corn, tomatoes, peppers, cashews, apple fiber, ginko balboa leaves, asparagus, broccoli . . . seasonongs and pure olive oils.

In our Parched Pulse and Brain Grain are found mixtures of these whole foods historically shown to nourish and sustain the body better than the finest cuisine of kings and pharohs.