The Brain Garden

We have discovered through experience that our own life force renews and purifies itself with heartfelt emotions.. at the Brain Garden we call these brief interludes sacred moments.

For us the vision, dreams and feelings of passion about the future of the Brain Garden, the people involved now and the people we'll join with along the way on this heroic quest, generate for us these self-revitalizing sacred moments, moments that set off in us the motive flames of deep tingling peace and anticipation...

The Brain Garden is like an energy peak drawn on paper by the needle of an e.k.g. a wave reaching critical mass as it rises from the waters of the cosmic ocean of time into the high tide of human destiny... it's like a raised border on the fabric of human enterprise. ..the Brain Garden is like the keeping of a divine appointment set ago, then forgotten, until now...

People in the Brain Garden sense the intrinsic value of the golden treasures of an age-old wisdom merged into the intense excitement of an opportunity to assist in the birthing of humanity into the long-awaited and sought for Age of Imagination, an Age that Einstein and all great thinkers dreamed of and dared to Age that brings to bear inside everyone involved a desire to outwardly express all that is in them, that is playful and fun and that is truly good!

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We call this wrinkle in time the Brain Garden experience. It impacts its players on a multitude of levels...when we are in one another's presence there is a sense of automatically being shifted up an octave to a higher level of awareness, a mental space in which we find ourselves learning without any conscious effort on our parts... the Brain Garden experience feels like the poise, kindness and patience of an emotionally matured, extended family, a consortium of dreamers and imaginists, wherein each life is honored as a delicate thread pulled by experience of time into the possibilities of an exquisite tapestry in the unfolding of a personal Manifest Destiny... an inherent destiny that causes inside of you a sense of being induced into falling in love with life... a re-enchantment with life, one's own personal life, to live more courageously, to live more passionately, to live more genuinely... to trust the truth of one's own visions and dreams and discoveries, and to dare to live that truth.

The challenge, then, is to be the creative force in the makeup of your own life, so that your life is not made for you by well-meaning significant others of a collective mind, who may be clueless concerning the depth and the joy and the significance of your freely chosen walk through the Brain Garden of your life...a walk wherein you can stop and smell the roses of your experiences, to drink deep, to taste the succulence of the fruits of your own labors.

We welcome you to the Brain Garden, where individual minds matter; in the Brain Garden we raise consciousness.

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