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RavensNet Ministries Retreat Village

With the coming events forseen in our research, RNS Ministries has moved our entire operations to the Retreat Village, formerly only used for 'spiritual' work; i.e. 'Workshops, Lectures, Seminars, Video Tapings, etc.'

The Right Reverand Raven, ( yes, he is an Ordained Minister approaching a PhD in Theology and Metaphysical Sciences ) established this retreat in the higher octaves of the fourth dimension.We are actively working to bring it fully into fifth dimension as well as creating the 3D version.

Currently it is accessible on third dimension at the quite reasonable cost of $100,000 dollars, (US 'currency' only) per person.Interested humans and other sentient life forms can recieve additional information by email concerning rates for other than humanoid life forms.

Actually there isn't much more info other than if we had a hundred G's we'd be busy building a community for real.

If you have the ability at all, move yourselves to the forest and mountains as soon as you can.It will be so much easier doing it now than later.We may be here for many more years than we'd like to think.

Inside of many people has been this indescribable 'drive' towards "community".Not even knowing what exactly that meant.Ultimately - to this point - it has been the self intergration we have all been working at.

Yet if there is a strong drive towards creating a small village or 'commune' or what-ever with a group...we strongly suggest you do it NOW.

What The Hell Are You Going On About? can find the rosy side to all the things poised to occur.

It is a birth!

We are privilaged to be here!

And yet, there are some things you may want to do to prepare for a certain degree of a disruption in your creature comforts.

If you are living in the Florida Keys and you hear there is a major hurricane bearing down on you - you prepare as best as you are able. It is a sensible thing to do.

If you notice a huge rock is falling from the sky right down towards your smiling upturned'd move over a few steps, right?

~As you recall your mastery~

~As you realize this is a hologram~

At some point you will 'rise above' all the seeming destruction and despair and be unaffected by it.Some will stay and aid those that come behind us.Some will leave this place for further flung adventures.Some will leave the body for the next one.Some will transform the body.

Perhaps you are here to help found a new city.

If you can, prepare for the disruptions in every day life.

We don't suggest you prepare for THE day, that's your business.We are suggesting you get some candles, water, snacks...there could be a few difficult days ahead.

In all prophecies concerning the times we are in, is a constant recurrance of a period of darkness.

Three days and nights. The Hopi say to stay indoors, close the shutters and do not even look outside.Seeds and dry beans will make an excellent food source for this time we have been told.Candles for light and a vigilant focus on love, peace, truth, harmony, beauty, faith, and any other uplifting and positive feelings you can summon.

The Catholics suggest repeating prayers and rosary in this time period.They suggest you draw the curtains and don't answer the door and light candles for light.

Even though we at RavensNet have had to sacrifice our personal comfort a little early, we are managing well in our sparse surroundings.The the royalties from the movie and subsequent television programs,"Highlander/The Raven" on the Fox network and "7 Days" and "Mercy Point" on UPN has helped with our financing.

Still, being so far from the 'civilized' world and our creature comforts takes its toll.

We will persevere!

This is a photo of the tiny mountain ruins RavensNet Systems is forced to operate from until further notice.

Back To Nature

Hard work and ingenuity pays off big at RavensNet systems.

Using natural stone from the surrounding landscape, planing wood by hand with sharpened sea shells and incorporating several mail order catalogs RNS is making a spare yet comfortable working environment.

The 'guest houses' in the surrounding hillside were all fashioned from coconut husk and palm leaves.The electronic equipment had to be protected from the areas high humidity so the data entry department was moved to one of the sub-basement wings.

Our ATV has come in very handy for area transportation.We were actually able to move most of the offices in just one run using the 'spacial distortion' console.

While the hologram all around us is coming apart, we are doing our best to recreate a local one.Using our bare hands and stone tools, this primitive lifestyle is good for the soul.

The 'Sea Way' walk ramp serves as a walk ramp over the sea.

The view from one of the 'Sun/Garden' rooms overlooks the naturally heated mineral baths.