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Web Sites of Some Cyber Friends

These places are as varied as the folks creating them.

Not all deal with the same types of subjects we do here.

These are not listed in any particular order and if you visit here and your site is not linked, please send me a note telling me what an inconsiderate ass I am and how your site is so much better than so and so's . . .


Drop me a line saying, "You poor, overworked soul... in your haste to set up your links site you missed my URL . . . here it is pal. . . ( your URL here ) and I'll be sure to link it up for you right away.


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List of Links

Paradise Lost
You can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven . . . . .Notes From The Underground
Pasha's Art Page
Come on in and have a look around in my gallery, and visit my world. I'm an artist, in every respect.
Rains' Private Homepage
Rain Järvelaid . . . Computer Wiz In Estonia
Goliaths' Home Page
I am a simple man and like the simple things in life. I like good food, good friends and the love of a good woman.
Elinors Home Page
Elinor's Living In Israel and Has Finally Got Up Her Homepage . . . *S*
Behold. . . I saw a pale horse. . . And upon the horse, a pale rider. . .
Intenders of the Highest Good
Tony Burroughs - Has Developed a Simple and Effective System For Intentional Creating

Kind friends all gathered 'round there's something I would say

What brings us together here has blessed us all today

Love has made a circle and it holds us all inside

Where strangers are as family and lonliness can't hide . . .

* * *

I've walked these mountains in the rain I learned to love the wind

I've been up before the sunrise to watch the day begin

And I always knew I'd find you but I never did know how

But like sunshine on a cloudy day you stand before me now . . .