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We Have To Make A Few Pre-suppositions At This Point...

1st--There are many...MANY other races of intelligent,self aware beings throughout space and dimensions.

2nd--Many governments have had direct dealings with some of them for many years.

3rd--If the governments tells us about it,they expect we'll want to know what else they have lied about...

So...JFK had ordered congress to prepare a briefing to the American people about it...didn't work out well... Recently,Steve Shiff,congressman from New Mexico pushed hard for disclosure of the truth about the Roswell crash. Steve just died from a facial cancer that made it impossible for him to continue his pursuit...two other congressmen were helping him...coincidentally,they have the same disease.

If you think elected or politically appointd people know anything about this stuff,think again.

Why clue in some schmuck thats only going to be in office a few years.

There was a great deal of time and money spent to make this stuff sound nuts!

A year ago hard science was CERTAIN there was NO water on the moon... Remember when the earth was flat?

Oh yeah...remember when the solar system used to revolve around us??

Those were the good old days...

U.F.O.'s ?

U.F.O.'s?...what do you think you know?

There are millions of races represented here in the higher overtones of the fourth dimension watching us.


We are about to move through fourth dimension into fifth.From there we have until 2013 to move through to the twelf dimension then into the next octave of consciousness.

It's never been done any where in any universe before this.

Some of these beings don't abide by all the rules here,you know,the Star Trek non-interference thing... Humans are just such a hoot to screw around with some can't resist.

Some you call to yourselves...through love or fear.

Some are your Star Families letting you know they are with you.

Most simply watch.Many want to see us make this change and are active in the process. Sirians,Pleidians,Arcturians,Alpha Centaureans,even the Zeta Reticulii are counting on us making this shift as it will bring them with us.

In the last hundred years or so, there has been only one thing that all the recognized 'experts' and scientists and philosofers have been in agreement about...and that is...they could be wrong.


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