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Pre-Screening Employment Application Area

Welcome to Phase One of the Pre-Screening area for Raven Enterprises Intrasteller Ltd, Owner of Ravenwoods and RavenNet Systems. Here-to-fore referred to as REIL.

Here, in the REIL world, deployment opportunities abound. Many right here, working for REIL.

As a REIL person, you have limitless opportunities for growth and expansion. Many positions are available.

Probability Associate Nexus Engineers are needed in our Astro-Space-Center. Please apply re: P.A.N.E. in A.S.C.

Attorneys are needed as Security Associates Legal Engineers. Please apply re: Lawyers for S.A.L.E.

Medical professionals will want to explore the possibilities in our Free Research Undergrad And Doctorate programs. Doctors, please apply the F.R.A.U.D. Section head.

Computer programmers and Holo-Form designers interested in joining the REIL world should contact the Natural Eco Resource Developement Society here at the RavensNet complex. Computer pros helping save the environment. Write, FAX or E-Mail