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The Malachite Circle

This deep green, polished Malachite circle is the size of a quarter. The back is drilled and holds the Natural Diode formula. Worn in the left pocket this beautiful little Diode will shield you when ever you take it with you.

Silver Bracelets
Three different styles. Die struck sterling silver. Imprinted with traditional Hopi and Navaho designs. The Natural Diode formula is inside the bracelet. Flexible to fit any wrist. Bracelets are to be worn only on the left wrist please.

The Dove Pendant

A beautifully depicted Dove of Peace in a silver circle on a dark pewter background. The Diode formula is on the back of the pendant. This 3/4" cicular pendant comes with an 18" chain. Pendants over the center polarity point of your upper body is as effective as wearing one in your left pocket or wearing a bracelet on your left wrist.

Rose Quartz or Adventurine Pendants

The triangles have the Diode formula inside the back of each stone. Each comes on 20" chain. These necklaces measure 1 3/8" and you may specify a silver or 14K gold filled chain when ordering.

Copper Bracelets

Along with the effect of a regular copper bracelet, these are enhanced by the Diode formula. A South Western Wave pattern and a Fancy Celtic Braid make them unique accessories. The Diode formula is placed inside the bracelet and they are to be worn on the left wrist only.

Heart Pendant Necklaces

These lovely antique embossed heart pendants come with four colored silk cords each 16" long. Delicate flowers adorn the face of this detailed old-fashion style necklace. The Diode formula is on the back of the heart. Cord colors are wine, blue, green and black. Please remember to keep your Diodes out of water, remove necklace Diodes when showering.

Drop Crystal Pendant

This beautiful Bazilian quartz crystal necklace is as attractive as it is useful. The crystal amplifies the effect of the Diode formula placed on top, inside the silver mounting. Made by Mother Nature so each crystal is different in size and shape, yet all are single crystal solitares pendants.