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The Diode is a solid-state composite of specially prepared natural elements. It is molded into different forms and shapes to be worn on the body or placed on devices that emit electromagnetic radiation. The Diode corrects or filters the energies flowing into the human body so as to bring increased harmony to the body's electrical system.


The Diode formula is specially prepared to emit forty-seven resonant frequencies that synchronize and promote a healthy human energy field.

When worn on the left side of the body, the harmonious Diode frequencies are picked up by the body's electrical system, stabilizing, balancing and energizing the human energy field. By emitting neutralizing and balancing frequencies, the Diode also helps to counteract the effects of harmful and stray electromagnetic fields to which we are exposed everyday.

All of our diode products were developed and formulated by the late Wayne Cook (1910-1985). Mr. Cook possessed that rare mental genius and persistence that would cause him to delve again and again into a project until he came to the truth. His research of over thirty-two years produced our remarkable line of diode products.

Wayne began his education in electronics during nine years of service in the U.S. Navy. There he excelled in the Naval Electronics school, but it wasn't until years later that he developed the diodes. A chance occurrence in the desert led to him saving the life of a prospector, who in turn showed Wayne how to dowse for water. While at first skeptical, and even ridiculing the old prospector, Wayne soon discovered that dowsing worked. He even discovered that HE could successfully dowse for water. But how? How could such a pecular method of searching for water actually work?

Wayne began to uncover the hidden truth behind the dowsing phenomenon by experimenting and offering his water-finding services for free throughout the Southwest. He also read everything he could get his hands on about dowsing.

Eventually, Wayne discovered that dowsing works due to the interaction between the electrical field of the dowser's body and the electrical field produced by mineral-laden water. This discovery led Wayne to focus his attention on the electrical properties of the human body which, in turn, led Wayne to uncover the electrical flows and polarities present in human beings.

The discovery of the true natural electrical properties in the human body revealed how imbalances and polarity shifts are present in any diseased or stress-induced condition. The next step was to develop devices that would balance, align, and strengthen the bodies own electrical flow. These devices came to be called "Cook's Diodes."

In the course of developing and refining the diodes, Wayne worked with numerous doctors and medical experts, and lectured at colleges and universities. He spent over three years with researchers at Stanford University, where they labeled his devices "BioMechanical Transducers." He worked with many people at the Esalen Institute. His products were also successfully tested by Dr. Joachim Thomsen, a West German scientist who used the sophisticated Voll/Dermatron machine.

Do our diodes really work? Dr. John Craige summarized what many of those who tested Wayne's diodes thought: "I am not given to hyperbole but I am convinced that Mr. Cook's discovery ranks with the invention of the microscope in its possibilities for revolutionizing medicine."


The instrument used by the Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency to measure Electrontic Magnetic Fields. Cooks Classic Diodes have been tested and rated as effective in reducing and eliminating the effects of EMFs by PHANZX systems.

"With the increasing use of cellular telephones, the potential influences of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields....are a focus of public interest"

With increased coverage by mobile phone companies it is difficult to find a space free of cellular telephonesóbut what are the effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) on the health of human beings? In a Research letter, S. Braune and colleagues report their study of mobile phone use and blood pressure.

The volunteers wore mobile cellular phones strapped to their heads for 70 minutes on five different days. The phones were operated by remote control without the participants being aware of their activation. A significant increase in both systolic and diastolic resting and supine blood pressures were found after 35 minutes of exposure to EMF compare with the unexposed session. The authors conclude that exposure of the right hemisphere of the brain to the EMF for more than 35 minutes leads to a significant rise in blood pressure brought about by increased sympathetic efferent activity.

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