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Earth Changes

El Nino

The Christ Child






Even if UFO's do NOT land en mass.........even if NO meteor hits this planet........ even if NO earth-quake sinks Japan and California........

We are in for one hell of a ride from here on out.

If you're reading this on-line now,you probably havn't had too rough of a time of things...

Good for you!

As long as there is electricity and gasoline and cable TV,life goes on.

If for some reason,the electricity stopped and the gas service stopped working and the grocery store ran out of food.....

Do you think the 'Government' will take care of you?

Or,do you think an insurance company will air drop food because you can't get out of the city?

Do you know the magnetic grid of the planet is fluctuating prior to collapse?

Do you know the suns magnetic field has already collapsed?

Ever hear the expression..."As above,so below."...

Do you know Mastadons have been found flash frozen,with fresh grasses and flowers in thier mouths. This means they were frozen while munching tropical plants... an Ice Age takes hours to cover the planet,not 10,000 years...hours.

Did you know there is 10% of the oxygen available now that was available 100 years ago?...hard to breath for you?...

Wonder why...

Do you think we'll some how get more oxygen from someplace?

Not likely,huh?

Have any idea what to do???

Havn't heard about this on "Nite-Line" have you?

Take A few Deep Breaths


Something is going to happen.

We already know that the planet makes the shift to fifth dimension successfully.

We know that the grid already exists for our move through to the next octave of conciousness.

We know too that the 'end times' apocalyptic scenario doesn't have to happen and to a great extent has already been lessened.

"All You Need Is Love"

As I understand that about covers it!

When we are able to open our hearts and love one another and allow each other to love, the world would transform over night.

If we cared for the planet as our mother,she'd respond in kind.

If we loved our mother and acknowledged that all we have comes from her,the storms would subside and the healing could be much more gentle.

She is in labor,birthing a new world.

The only safe place is a peaceful heart.

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