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The temple of wisdom is within each of us.

We need only journey there to find it.

Once found,

Freedom is assured.

This Is NOT Alternative Healing...

The A.M.A. is the 'alternative'.

Healing has taken place on this planet long before the A.M.A. formed itself in 1938.

There are as many bullshit healing claims and products as there are real ones so we've become a bit cynical...

Recently,many TV news magazine programs are presenting research showing that people can heal through touch,prayer,and sheer will power. Sound,color and aromatherapy have come into the mainstream health news.

There are treatments being performed in Eorope as commonplace that are still viewed in the USA as 'experimental'.

Virus's come in 13 shapes or combinations of these 13.Sound can be used to destroy them without surgery. Oxygen carrying nutritional supplements create an oxygen rich environment in the body making it very difficult for bacteria and virus's to thrive.

Links will be provided and expanded on as sites with real services and products come to my attention.

Essential Oils
We've been able to track the use of Essential Oils back 7,000 years. NO virus, bacteria or fungus has ever developed an immunity to Essential Oils
Find out about Essential Oils.Make sure if you obtain any from any source that they are PURE Essential Oils.


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