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The Flower Of Life

The Flower Of Life has been found in cave drawings and on Cathedral floors. The symbol has been found dating back many thousands of years.Exactly how many depends on who you are talking to.

(Did you play the 'Spinx Game')

Within this symbol is the pattern of all life.Within it are the Sacred Geometric shapes that all creation in this universe is based upon.

Within this symbol is the first movement of God.

You've seen this little fish logo all over the place.Do you know where it came from?It is called a 'Vesica Pisces'.That's the geometrical term.It is representative of the first movement of God and the creation of Melchizedek mind and Christ Consciousness.

Star Tetrahedron

The Star Tetrahedron is one of seven fields that surround the human body. These fields are measurable with machines. The Earth has its own Star Tetrahedronal field and it has been photographed by NASA.

This shape is the basis for the Mer Ka Ba.

By consciously 'activating' your Mer Ka Ba field,you will learn to travel in space and time- you will be able to move through dimensions- you'll be able to journey to the center of stars and the furthest galaxies in several universes.

Mis-use of this field of energy was at the heart of Lucifers "Fall from Grace".

Mis-use of this field culminated in the sinking of Atlantis and is the cause of the Bermuda Tiangle effect we expierience today.

The Mer Ka Ba is the energetic pattern that makes you possible as a third dimensional creature.

As time allows I will add more information here on the Mer Ka Ba and how to learn to utilize it.Links will be provided to Flower Of Life Workshop Facilitators.

Drunvalo Melchizedek has developed a system of breathing that helps connect to and control your Mer Ka Ba fields. His name is synonymous with The Flower Of Life,and although there will be links to information on Drunvalo,I suggest you research him yourself...and be prepared to hear some amazing things.

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